Girl Gone Authentic - Loriki with Spear, Africa, Photo by Herb Ritts, 1993

Reminders from the Gods

It is crucial that you understand yourself. It is crucial that you notice the subtleties of existence within you. The warmth of your blood when you hold your breath. The hum of the universe vibrating through you. The eternal flow of the pure waters your vessel holds – round and round, head to toe. These times call for a true return to your spirit.


You have spent all your energy everywhere but inside. Dangerous creatures. Hungry for power. Well read in all books of war. Creating rivers of warm blood to assure themselves that they are equals to Amma, Shiva, Apophis, Perses. By now you know more about them than you do you. A constant need to fight and flight because you are aware that you’ve let them pollute your sacred.  

They hold the Earth captive, shredding the invisible thread of integrity that holds men, women and children in unity. Neither here, nor there, your quest to repair the broken only deepens your wounds and pierces the hearts of your elders long gone. 

Instead of high walls, forge bridges with the edges of your hardened heart. Line  your pain with crimson red silk spun from tears collected in the quiet of the dark night. Bring to light the tenderness you long muffled and buried. Watch as your raw, beautiful heart opens up and breaks into song. Forgive yourself for falling prey to the illusion of fear. 

They never imagined that your strength – soft and tender – would carry you through the near suffocating realms they dragged you through. But look at you now, reclaiming your power, your birthright. And all it took was the determination to Remember.

Loroki with Spear, Photo by Herb Ritts, 1993 (Photograph)

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