A Sacred Tradition: The Amasan of Japan

In a world where there are more choices than decisions and more opportunities than there are hours in a day, many of us are exhausted from trying to prove to ourselves and the world that we can do it all.

In this short chapter, we explore interior designer Vianca Soleil weaving her life’s work in the slow and intimate Puro Island, Romblon, Philippines.

Meet Girl Gone Authentic Mihiro Aoki of Tsubaki Vintage

“There was a poise, class and grace with these women in kimono. There was a certain authenticity in them. I wanted to find the same grace as theirs in myself. That wish has lead me to start this journey of TSUBAKI.” Mihiro Aoki founder of TSUBAKI VINTAGE gracefully reviving the art of the Japanese Kimono. […]

Wordsmith Puno Selesho

Poetry and sunset stories with the law graduate, social entrepreneur and poet, Puno Selesho as she debunks all the myths we may have had about the spoken word art.  Her words are her gift to the world and she hopes to share her own African narrative in a way that will inspire, uplift and ignite […]

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