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Irish Linen at 31 Chapel Lane

Our approach is professional, ethical and considerate; Our items are strong and valuable; made to be enjoyed, lived in, and held onto for a lifetime. Quietly, we make special things for men and women who appreciate craftsmanship, natural materials, and prefer to own things for life.

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They forecast that the sun will shine again and when nothing fits anymore, that’s the perfect excuse for a little necessary Irish Linen shopping.

We’ve pretty much been hibernating in the northern Thai hills and it has been raining every single day. This past week, we have only made it to the market once or twice. The fruit and veggie market here is for the early birds – think 5am if you’d like the best and latest 8am if you’ll settle for anything. I suppose what I’m trying to say is we have been binging on Kao Soi, Pad Thai, and everything else that tastes good but is not particularly good for the waistline.

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girl gone authentic 31 chapel lane vivian blazer

About 31 Chapel Lane

Personally, this Girl Gone Authentic was over the moon when she stumbled on 31 Chapel Lane. They have all the right everyday pieces that look, feel and fit good. Their website is easy to browse, only has the essentials (including stuff for him and the home), so naturally they had us at ola.

Founded in 2012 by Damien and Joi Hannigan, 31 Chapel Lane stands for quality, simplicity and everyday pieces that are meant to last a while. The Irish brand tailors from selected fine Irish linen and Donegal tweed; a rather holistic approach that honors a small town – County Caven’s linen industry from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Irish Linen vs just Linen

You might be wondering, if there is a difference between Irish Linen and just linen? Well, yes:

These are principally the fineness of the yarns and woven cloth that is still achievable by Irish spinners and weavers, as well as the skills – handed down from generation to generation – that are applied in the creation of delicately woven and intricately designed cloth. In addition, the softness of the water in Irish streams, which is harnessed for bleaching, dyeing and finishing, results in cloth which is of delightful and enviable handling and appearance. Irish Linen cannot be matched in these essential characteristics of a top-quality cloth.

Words by Khumoetsile Seamogano

Images by 31 Chapel Lane

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