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Healing With The Moon: Fall, She Will Catch You

The full moon brought with it tiny pinpricks to burst the bubbles of emotions that have been quietly residing in the safe corners of my heart. I feel tender in a place I cannot reach for and soothe with a touch. I must conclude that it’s once again time to weed out whatever surfaces.

As I close my eyes and pray that the moon illuminates my thoughts and lends them clarity, I am inspired to paint a small, but vivid picture for you:

Let's talk about loss

Mindlessly browsing through Vogue for some sort of creative inspiration, my heart skept a beat at the heading: Chrissy Teigen Has Ignited an Important Conversation Around Miscarriage.

Chrissy goes on to selflessly share her story of loss, which within her pain, she concludes with love and gratitude.

As I type these words, for the third time today, my eyes sting from all the tears they’ve shed. In this rare instance, Chrissy Tiegen has willingly opened herself up and a community of women (and men) to talk about something so familiar to most of us but rarely ever discussed.

Healing with the Moon: a familiar place

Loss is something we can take for granted, especially if it is far from home. The world we have created leaves no room for grieve. Yes, you’ve lost, but life goes on and waits for no one. Yes, you’ve lost, but eventually, we all get tired of hearing your sad story. Yes, you’ve lost but there are a million other people in worse off places.

I cried because I felt Chrissy Tiegen and her family’s pain, the emptiness where there was once a life. I remembered all the losses I have had in my young life. How I’d suffered in silence because I truly believed there would be nobody there to hold me. I’d feared being a burden to old friends and new…slowly, slowly, I lost the moon’s glow within.

I imagine how many beautiful souls walk held up high, smile ever so radiant, a laugh so boisterous, only to return home to dreadful emptiness where even sleep does not dare to visit.

I wonder what becomes of the workaholics who win award after award, are gifted with growth and abundance in their chosen endeavors, and still have no one to share their glory and doom with except for ghosts of the ones long gone.

It is a familiar and welcoming place to visit again and again. The initial pain numbs with Time. We learn to coexist with the hollow halls that echo faint whispers of life. If lucky, we may even convince ourselves that we are whole again.

Healing with the Moon: release and let go

To lose, just like to receive is a natural cycle of life. You would think that by now, we would be comfortable with the idea of serving a bottomless cup of compassion to friends and strangers in need. Yet, we remain stingy with our thoughts and prayers. We choose to measure strength by how fast we can ‘move on’. A give away that indeed, we are in most need of the compassion we are so terrified to let go of.

Ah, in all her glory, the full moon always comes back to shine her light on all things hidden within. Cry a river if you must. Like the salt of the oceans, the waters from the soul are mere reminders to to cleanse and purge memories that haunt us when no one is watching.

She comes to reminds us that we cannot pour from an empty cup. To answer when the Moon calls, is to be open to her motherly touch. She will break you open as she leads you to the the painful cracks inside. Mother of all waters, she comes to collect every tear and relieves you off your heavy load.  

full moon bath rituals
bathing rituals - girl gone authentic
healing bath rituals for the fullmoon - girl gone authentic
full moon healing - girl gone authentic

Healing with the Moon: cleansing waters

A spiritual bath, much like the ritual baths of ancient Rome cleanses your chakras, revitalizes your aura and leaves you feeling more present and positive. The moon’s energy is especially felt between the waxing moon and the full moon. Gather your oils, herbs and crystals to fully harness this energy.

An ancient tradition: moon bathing

Now that the waters have cleansed you, receive nature’s gift by connecting to the energy of the moon. 

Simply take a 30 minute walk in the moonlight, swim under the moon or open the drapes and journal your heart out under the moon’s guidance. 

This is the ritual of moon bathing. Just as the sun nourishes us, the moon restores our serenity and purity. Go to bed knowing your cup will be full again when a new day begins.


My thoughts, prayers and respect go out to Chrissy Tiegen and family. May they find healing through love and unity. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and everyone suffering loss right now. Take refuge in knowing that you are not alone. Your pain ripples beyond borders. May you feel the Love, warmth and strength from friends near and far.

Words: Khumoetsile Seamogano

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