Girl Gone Authentic Charms: Creator’s Notes


The Girl Gone Authentic Charms were borne out of the desire to express through creativity. I chose the indigo dyed mulberry silk thread because in Botswana, indigo symbolises the mysteries that come with faith and healing. Those mourning and going through a difficult emotional time often wear a blue thread around their neck. 

The stones – old and new – are from my personal collection.  I am of the firm believe that the Earth has given us all we need to heal and thrive. Energy pulsates from all around us, and stones and gems are alive. 

Meditating through each charm, I ensured my intentions where from the right place. 

I hope they accompany you dutifully as you rebuild yourself.

Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Coming home
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Coming Home
girl gone authentic charm necklace
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Transformation

When I was much younger, the new year was always an exciting phase. I compared it to a clean slate. A 12 year old with a blank journal she could exploit with different shades of ink? What a thrill. 

Thinking back, it was much easier to wrap up the previous year – I mean all I had to think about was how I hadn’t scored as high as I’d hoped in social studies, or how the stone age village I had build for my history class could have been better.  Those were real problems then. Forgiveness for the mistakes made and expectations unmet came ever so effortlessly. 

The little girl grew up, and off to college she went. A clean journal no longer portrayed the mysteries of the future. Mistakes where carried forward. And, with several broken hearts, forgiveness to self and others was a daunting task. Throughout the years, I carried so much with me until motherhood demanded I ease the load.  

Girl Gone Authentic Charm: I AM Enough
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: I AM Enough
Girl Gone authentic lucky charm - gentle healing necklace - jewels
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Gentle Healing

I could no longer hide my fears within beautiful words, I bore pain with shameful pride as words slowly began to escape me.  My power had always been through words. That too, I gave away when I started writing to impress, to persuade and earn a living. 

Things came full circle last year. To set tone for my client’s rather peculiar requests, I had spent the entire night frolicking through all expressions accumulated in my young life. Something happened that day and for the first time in my life, I realised how I could no longer hear my own voice or feel the depths of my core. 

howlite and jade necklace - girl gone authentic
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Sanctuary Within
girl gone authentic charm - restored trust - carnelian
Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Restored Trust

If you have been here for quite a while, you will notice I have had less and less to say. Oh, I am dying to express myself. I yearn for soul enriching connections. But, I acknowledge I must first do the work. I must first come back whole to myself.

The Girl Gone Authentic Charms to me represent this awakening, just as I heal through my words, I would like to give you an uncomplicated tangible element to hold on to. 

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