Girl Gone Authentic Charm: Sanctuary Within

Sanctuary Within

$18 (+shipping)

Charm necklace made with natural stones and natural indigo dyed mulberry silk thread.

Affirmation: “Within me, I hold a peaceful sanctuary I can retreat to at any time.”

A stone for the mind, Howlite teaches patience and controls rage, stress and pain. We are in an era of engulfing huge portions of information at a go. Internalizing anger and other times expressing anger to pacify our anxiety has become a norm. Wear this charm to invite calmness while gaining better understanding of your emotions, the people around you, the world, and life itself. 

Main stones: Old White Howlite and old Jade

Length can be adjusted. Only one piece.

Girl Gone Authentic Charm - Serenity Within
howlite and jade necklace - girl gone authentic

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