Flow, Playlist and Conversation with Natcha Kucita of The Vessel of Light

When it comes to self study, Nat is fearless in meeting and facing herself again and again. Founder of The Vessel of Light, a ceramic studio that explores mindfulness through clay, the Thai-born Natcha Kucita is also disciplined in BIM Engineering. 

It takes a delicate sort of strength to grant yourself permission to slow down and intimately interact with both your inner and outer worlds. Here, Nat indulges us with a playlist and shares her inspirations.

1. What inspired the playlist?

My playlist is a mixed bag of emotions born from random moments that I go through during a period of my life. I could be sitting in a café and suddenly discover a unique composition on the radio. Music has this special power to calm your mind and take you to places closest to your heart.  Most of the tracks on this playlist don’t really have lyrics. I’m really into underground electronic sounds and anything experimental at the moment. Some people use Tibetan singing bowls before they go into meditation, similarly for me, music preps me up and winds me down when I am working or just going about my day.
2. Where do you go to gain clarity, and ground yourself?
I find clarity when I take a small and simple moment out for myself during a busy day, like making tea, taking a slow shower, burning incense, cooking my favourite dish, or listening to my favourite song while laying in bed. I feel like in these moments I can truly be with myself.
3. To love, or to have been loved – which one is more important to you?
I love that you asked about love! To love is more important for me in so many ways, particularly when I am diving into a new subjects, art, and people. Love opens the door into the world and also the self.
4. What is your favourite thing you have created so far – why?
The favourite thing I created so far is definitely my ceramics tea set. A simple chawan matcha bowl which I use every morning. There is no feeling like holding a hand made object and drinking from it!! As a potter we have this luxury of drinking from different cups all the time.

Nat, my beautiful sister, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

(Images: The Vessel of Light)

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