girl Gone Authentic - poem - delicate strength

Delicate Strength


Delicate Strength

In the way that  she moves
In the way that she shapes her ‘O’s’ when she speaks
In the way that she bites her lower lip when deep in thought
She writes her story

Men secretly tremble from a distance
Women pretend they do not see her
Her strength is undeniable
The tales they tell their friends are those of her starry eyes
That je ne sais quoi
‘She is a dangerous one,’ they warn
She takes it in stride,
Thanks her lucky stars for the few, but true friends she can count in one hand

Where she goes each night is a home filled with Love
The type that is perplexing to the ordinary soul
Mystical. Other worldly kind of love.
In her work, in her play
It burns brighter and warmer
Her warrior armor.
Never yielding, never affected
For she knows hers is solid ground
And beyond the sky is within reach

Such is the tale of Woman,
One who lives her rose tinted reality
Storms. Sunshine. She weathers it all

Carry on delicate one,
Carry on one whose soul is draped in delicate strength

Words by: Khumoetsile Seamogano
Founder and Creative Director at GirlGoneAuthentic

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