My Life’s Work: Vianca Soleil Answers Puro Island’s Call

In a world where there are more choices than decisions and more opportunities than there are hours in a day, many of us are exhausted from trying to prove to ourselves and the world that we can do it all. In this short chapter, we explore interior designer Vianca Soleil weaving her life’s work in the slow and intimate Puro Island, Romblon, Philippines.

Mali’s Holistic Mud Architecture Survives the Test of Time

The mud architecture of Mali has, by centuries outlived the Mali Empire. Between c. 1230 and 1670, the Mali Empire, also known as Manden Kurafaba, was the largest, wealthiest and most powerful in the history of Western Africa. It extended from today’s Mali, covered Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso and crossed Niger to reach the Sahara. Perhaps […]

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