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Balance: The Sentimental Art of Bread Making

There is a sense of control that comes from starting and finishing a project. The process of bread making can be likened to the creative process in that bread is a tangible piece of art that nourishes the senses. So, if you would like to subtly and sensually reconnect with your core, please, make bread.

In this short journal we explore the sentimental art of bread making. An ode to slowing down while creating without any expectation of perfection or impression. 

The Sentimental Art of Bread Making
The Sentimental Art of Bread Making
The Sentimental Art of Bread Making
The Sentimental Art of Bread Making

1. Intuitive guidance

The kitchen is your sacred ground. Trust your intuition to guide you through mixing the ingredients – there is no right or wrong.

2. Awakening the alchemist

Using your hands, thoroughly mix the ingredients. It may take a minute, you may break a sweat, but, as the undisciplined mixture succumbs to your touch and transitions to dough, you must garner the patience to mindfully observe. When pride shoots through your bones, wholeheartedly embrace Your accomplishment. Here, there is no room for modesty.

3. The wait...

Now we wait. The way I see it, it is either the dough rises, or not. Without any expectation for perfection, this is the optimal time to brew a cup of tea, or simply close your eyes as you listen to the silence. 

If the dough does not rise, breathe and begin again. Remember, in any discipline, it takes practice to just ‘know’ and ‘feel’ that ‘this is right.’ 

4. The journey unfolds

As the rich aroma of bread taking form pleasantly overwhelms your senses, be fully present. Observe how the light touches each corner of the room, listen for sounds that catch your attention. These fleeting moments are solid ground for poetic memories of bread making.

5. Work of your hands

Fresh from the oven, bread is a beautiful sight to behold. The mouth waters in anticipation, the heart  races in wonder and excitement. 

6. A moment to calm the senses

Without judgment, notice how the bread feels as you slowly sink your teeth in.  Notice the subtle sweet and salty flavours bounce back and forth on your tongue. Swallow intentionally and feel as the ball of bread pushes down the oesophagus and warmly settles in your stomach. This is the work of your hands.  

It is now safe to wrap your work of art in beautiful fabric, prepare the beverages and gather a friend or two (the kids are welcome) for heart conversations.

Gratitude is due to the hands that agreed to collaborate with the mind and soul – You gracefully did it.

Words by Khumoetsile Seamogano

Images by Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa

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