If the internet occupied real space, here would be where you come for wholesome inspiration and quiet contemplation.

In a world where there are more opportunities than there are hours in a day, many of us are exhausted from trying to prove to ourselves and the world that we can do it all. Secretly, we go out and seek places where we can briefly “hear ourselves think,” where the rush slows down, and time stands still. Yes, there are many of us, dear friend. This journal is an attempt of that inspiring, cozy and calming little corner on the internet.

Helmed by Khumoetsile Seamogano, Girl Gone Authentic is a thought journal that reconnects kindred spirits to words and other beautiful  that matter. A deep respect for indigenous cultures and heritage crafts resulted in the first Girl Gone Authentic archive in 2017. Since then, the journal has slowly evolved and also explores the nuances of being human via our virtual tea garden. 




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