She is not afraid to show the world her true essence.

She plays by the rules of her own game and is happiest when she is free to create without holding back. She is inspired by cities near and far, cultures ancient and modern; and will passionately fight for a cause she truly believes in. Driven by the authenticity of her being, and an undeniable zest for all that is life, she dares to love hard – in all ways and always.




When I embarked on the Girl Gone Authentic journey, the goal was to find and reconnect with what is substantial. I knew that if I could, I would turn back the hands of time, if only to re-learn the true nature of sustainability. What is it that our forefathers did differently to be able to live in harmony with nature? How did they know how to strike that balance?

Through self exploration and as I get closer and closer to my ever fleeting core, I find myself intrigued by cultures, traditions, and crafts. What fascinates me the most is stumbling into off the beaten path kindred spirits finding their voice and fitting into their true form.

So here I choose to celebrate the essential: the beauty of the human spirit creating alongside nature, cultures near and far, the hands and hearts that make.

Founder and Creative Director: Khumoetsile Seamogano

Who is the Girl Gone Authentic

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