Welcome. Influenced by Khumoetsile Seamogano, the Girl Gone Authentic journal reconnects kindred spirits to words and other beautiful things that matter. 

I believe that many of us who are hyper-sensorial introverts have tried to thrive in a loud world that beckons us to shapeshift in order to belong. However; our creativity is fueled by our deep desire to meticulously dissect Beauty until we can taste her essence. Nature, simplicity and warm environments cultivate the peace we need to birth brilliance.



If the internet occupied real space, the Girl Gone Authentic journal would be an intimate gathering where the masks safely fall off. It is a digital sourcebook and manifesto that seeks to poetically highlight indigenous wisdom, the use of natural materials, as well as timeless aesthetics.

The Journal

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Tea Garden 

Original written works and unrushed conversations with old and new friends whose disciplines honour a natural rhythm. 

Nice Things

Carefully selected collectable books and objects from around the world .


Digital archive of The People, craftsmanship, natural medicines, spirituality.

Sunday Club 

A lighthearted newsletter exploring of the joys and nuances of the human experience.



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